Automotive Marketing Services

Increase profits for your dealership with our professional automotive inventory and marketing services in Albany, New York. Gone are the days of car ads in the newspaper and flashy signs on the highway. In order to stay competitive in the industry, car dealers must use SEO & VSEO marketing to turn a big profit. Contact us when you need professional, innovative, and effective automotive marketing services.

eMotion™ Web Video Marketing

Most web video solutions fail to fully engage the car shopper during that very brief and critical moment of interaction with the dealership’s website, vehicle ads, and social networking touch points. Only WKA Marketing's eMotion™ Web Video Automotive Retail Marketing Solutions provide compelling, immersive, and viral video content so crucial to dealerships’ online advertising strategies. The car shopping process is often an emotional one – WKA Marketing's eMotion™ Web Video is the one solution for capitalizing on it.

eMotion™ VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization)

Every Dealerships dream is to have your videos and your Vehicle Display Pages (VDPs) show up in the search engines' organic listings.
WKA Marketing's eMotion™ Web Video Automotive Retail Marketing Solution can get you there. Click on button below for more details....

eMotion Express™ Web Video Marketing

Need Engaging video that creates emotion on your website and dont want to give up a Ben Franklin to get it. Then eMotion Express™ Web Video is just what you need

Valuable Website SEO Enhancements

Our cutting-edge SEO services enhance the visibility of your dealership's website. Before beginning enhancements, we interview you to determine your target audience and SEO strategies that market your business. We help you select the best electronic mediums to reach your target market. We use market research analysis to find the ideal keywords to achieve your goals.

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Craigslist Inventory Marketing

Many browsers use Craigslist to find what they're looking for. We help design ads that capture the attention of potential customers. Make yourself known through Craigslist and other online advertising services. Our company ensures that your ads stand out above the competition.

Electronic Media Consulting

Build value and desire for your vehicles by using all types of electronic media. When you create value in your cars, people flock to your showroom. It's not the price you're advertising, but the value you are offering. Because we know what car buyers are looking for, we ensure that that best information is on your website.