eMotion Express™

An Economical Option Available For Your Website

WKA Marketing is offering a very economical version of its eMotion Videos called eMotion Express™. This flash video is available for a dealer’s web site only. We Offer this option to dealers as an economical introduction to the benefits of having video forall of your inventory on your website. We will even host the video for your website to keep your site from slowing down. The Cost for this service is only $49/month!

eMotion Express™ video production and support is;
  • Not a limited time offer
  • There is no limit to the number of videos produced, and
  • There is no catch!

At WKA Marketing, we feel that within a few years, nearly every vehicle will have a commercial quality video alongside the multiple high quality photos already being exhibited. By offering eMotion Express™ at such a low price we feel that nearly every dealer can now afford to have video that creates eMotion!

We want to be your dealerships video production company.

WKA Marketing's technology partners were the first to include actors for CARFAX reports and manufacturer certified pre-owned programs. They also pioneered integrating video clips of the actual car. Video Technology is evolvong and we have some great additions coming to eMotion Videos in the future.

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If you don't curently have video on your website site or you have boring uninteresting video, then signing up for eMotion Express™ video could be the missing link to getting better returns out of your existing website without spending a wheelbarrel full of money!

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