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Most video marketing solutions fail to fully engage the car shopper during that very brief and critical moment of interaction with the dealership’s website, vehicle ads, and social networking touch points. Only WKA Marketing's eMotion Automotive Retail Marketing Solutions provide compelling, immersive, and viral video content so crucial to dealerships’ online advertising strategies. The car shopping process is often an emotional one – WKA Marketing's eMotion™ Web Video Marketing is the one solution for capitalizing on it.

The eMotion Video Difference

  • Full-motion videos of actual vehicle inventory

  • Professional actors promoting CPO Programs, CARFAX benefits, and more.

  • High-quality, professional voiceovers with “The Script That Sells”

  • Broadcast quality, Hollywood-style special effects, music tracks, and presentation.

The eMotion™ Web Video Advantages

Major Automotive Site Distribution - We distribute to automotive websites such as AutoTrader.com, Cars.com, your website(s) and other automotive websites that can host quality video. Ask us about we can get your video to be seen by customers shopping on craigslist

Video Site Distribution - On major video websites such as YouTube, Google, Facebook and More

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - On major websites such as YouTube, Google, and Facebook

Multiple Platform Support - Playback on major mobile device platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry

Complete Content - Your data from your datafeed souce with detail down to the trim level. The best sales presentatiosn tell a unique story behind the vehicle which makes it stand out above the rest. The stories might tell of the one owner /quality of care care history of the vehicle (See our Carfax Section). It could also include information explaining that the vehicle was reconditioned to your manufacturers CPO Program Requirements. it also could include the in demand trim level, hard to find color; or the safety ratings or the fuel effeciency rating or sportiness. These stories breathe life into the presentation and help to create that eMotion™ engagement.

Quality - Live Voice Over, TV commercial quality, Wide-screen, high-resolution video format with stereo sound

Fast Production - In any industry, time is money and the sooner a video is produced the sooner it will be attracting and engaging buyers

Branding - Dealership branded pre- and post-spots.
Featuring “The Script That Sells”

eMotion Video’s real human voiceovers include the most important attributes vital to effectively selling vehicles:




eMotion™ Web Video Benefits to Your Dealership Include:

  • Increase Site stickines with More Engaging Content

  • Inproved Rankings by search engines due to the preferential treatment of video

  • More inpressions, views, leads& conversions due to content that is more engaging, captivating and more prominent
Performance, Value, and Peace of Mind

No other automotive web video marketing solution is as powerful in maximizing dealership image, marketing vehicles, building website traffic, increasing vehicle ad effectiveness, and most importantly – increasing sales.

If you already have a web video marketing solution: Save Money and Increase the Quality

If you don’t have a video marketing solution yet: The Right Price and the Right Quality

To learn more about eMotion Video Marketing Solutions and how eMotion can help to increase sales for your dealership, Complete the contact for Below or call our WKA Marketing Specialists at (518) 489-7291.